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For organizations that have after-market product life-cycle challenges, COMPLOGICS has solutions. In the management of service spares, maintaining control over on-hand inventory of high-tech components to meet long-range forecasts can be a daunting task. The necessity to meet serviceability requirements, combined with managing inventory obsolescence and last-time purchasing requirements, can quickly balloon inventory levels and tie up precious cash flow on an aging inventory of unnecessary high-tech components. Multiply this occurrence across many different product lines and the direct impact can be damaging to your company's bottom line. 
COMPLOGICS works with clients as their direct supplier of electronic components and technology products limiting their exposure to cost variables associated with maintaining their own inventory. Materials can be delivered based on forecast schedules, minimizing financial obligations while improving supply chain sourcing performance. We strive for efficient, high-quality service that saves you money and keeps your service lines running.

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All shipments are sent from our warehouse in Durham, North Carolina.  The daily cutoff is 3:00 PM EST. 


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